True to Nature

Established in 2016, we are a cooperative agricultural enterprise dedicated to establishing a seamless link between cultivation and product transformation. Our expertise lies in crafting premium frozen grilled vegetables sourced from raw materials cultivated with passion by our members. Exclusively harvested from Italian soil, our vegetables undergo processing within hours of harvest, preserving their pristine organoleptic qualities. Casa Natura upholds a policy of complete transparency and proudly embodies the motto "loyal to nature," reflecting our philosophy of fostering appreciation, trust, and respect for the environment.

Our Members

The cooperative is made up of around 32 affiliated agricultural enterprises, alongside one sponsoring partner. We deeply value each of our members who, through their dedication, add value to our final product.

Our Team

We meticulously select individuals involved in the transformation process and provide them with continuous training. Their professionalism guarantees the delivery of a safe and high-quality product to consumers’ tables. Placing people at the forefront, we ensure they work in the best safety conditions and within a peaceful and transparent corporate culture.

Deliciously edible,  stunning

Deliciously edible,



This is the concept that connects the entire supply chain, from harvesting to the production of the final product.


At the heart of our entire production chain, from harvest to the creation of the final product, lies the concept of being "deliciously edible, visually stunning." Our mission is to offer premium-quality Italian vegetables. We carefully select raw materials sourced from meticulously identified fields, cultivated by farmers who are members of our cooperative, ensuring unparalleled transparency and safety for our customers. We prioritize working with freshly harvested product, promptly delivered to preserve its pristine organoleptic properties.

All incoming raw materials to our facility undergo processing only after passing stringent quality checks. Throughout the processing, our meticulous washing, sorting, and selection processes, along with inspection machines, guarantee compliance with customer specifications and deliver a secure finished product. We produce without any additives, coloring agents, or food preservatives, ensuring consumers enjoy a naturally exceptional product.Produciamo senza alcun tipo di additivi, coloranti o conservanti alimentari e garantiamo al consumatore un prodotto naturalmente buono.

Our policy

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